We care about helping each person to embody and express her/his potential-to be one’s life purpose. The foundation for achieving  our  dreams is based in our health condition. Vital Health produces an Inspired Destiny.  Our classes programs and services point the direction for our students to find the necessary balance to manifest a life that is both passionate and healthy. Each person provides a unique contribution  to our global community. ISOHA is devoted to helping our students find, develop and express  their continually evolving unique creative path.
The foundation of  Holistic Health that ISOHA inspires students to embody, is balanced on the pillars of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual well being.
Practices like Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan , Yoga and and Healthy Food choices create Physical well being – a body that is strong,  flexible and adapts to the ever-changing challenges of life.
Spiritual well being is taught through practices like meditation,  and  body/mind awareness which lead to Intuitive living-a place where wisdom supersedes intellectual analysis.
E- Motional well being is established by sensing and using the energy of feelings for healing. To use our emotions/relationships instead of allowing them to use us- a place where the brain and heart engage in a balance that moves us forward on the path to fulfilling our life purpose.

The integrated unity of Body, E-motion and Spirit is what we call a Soul Full experience.

body mind spirit balance concept hand drawing on blackboard

body mind spirit balance concept hand drawing on blackboard

Learn Skills to help your self,  others and to create healthy consciousness  for family, friends, and local and global community.

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