Zen-Touch Shiatsu Technician

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Students will learn to apply a full body Zen-Touch Shiatsu Technician session including basic through intermediate techniques, applications of Yin/Yang, Empty/Full, Chakras, 5 elements, Oriental Diagnosis, Body reading, and Client recommendations.

This course provides an entry level  applications that are ideal for Family friends and basic spa and professional use. Most interested graduates go on to the 500 hr. Zen-Touch™ Practitioner/Instructor  Program.

 The Zen-Touch Shiatsu Technician course  is an entry level education for this innovative approach to traditional shiatsu/acupressureand Oriental bodywork created by Seymour Koblin. Praised by many as the ultimate bodywork experience,  Zen-Touch™ evokes deep health regenerating effects by balancing extreme lifestyle conditions that have affected one’s physical /emotional /spiritual body.Zen-Touch Shiatsu Technician no 4

This form of bodywork allows the client to remain comfortably clothed during sessions, and can be done on a massage table or futon mat.

Applying pressure while stretching limbs in a gradual, nurturing fashion enhances energy flow and stimulates vitality. Every touch combines body assessment with therapy as the practitioner sensitively responds to the unique condition of each client. Benefits of

Zen-Touch™ include relief from neck and back pain, increased flexibility, stress alleviation, improved digestion, posture, and concentration. Zen-Touch™ is unique in its benefit to the practitioner—it evokes a state of being where one enjoys giving as much as receiving.

The Zen-Touch Technician Course provides a foundation of basic Oriental Acupressure skills upon which the practitioner can build using advanced therapeutic techniques.  Students learn the powerful and painless art of “Zen-Touch, Shiatsu”, a development of oriental methods by Seymour Koblin.  The course is ideal for the student who wishes to integrate the esoteric philosophies of the East into practical modality for therapeutic use.
The 110-hour Zen-Touch Technician course is an introduction to the 500-hour requirement in the USA to obtain a license for therapeutic body work.  Graduates are trained to work in a private clinical practice, with chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists or psychotherapists.


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