Ancient health systems including Ayurveda assert that the sound of the breath is represented by the syllables:: SO (inhale) and HA (exhale). Listen to your breath. Do you hear the similarity between these syllables with your inhale and exhale?

S chool O f  H ealing A rts  incorporates the life essential nutrient of the breath into our name, slogan “inspiring”/’ (inhaling ) the path of holistic healing” and into our aromatherapy classes, products and services

The SOHA East /West Aromatherapist learns to assess each client in terms of their root Constitution(prenatal  and 0-24 yrs) influences  which includes  Genetic and Energetic/Life Lesson as well as the branches of  their more recent daily condition(24 years  to present age). A thorough education in the workings of the Forces of Nature (as  depicted in Chinese Medicine with the models of Yang/Yin and the 5 Movements and in Ayurveda with the Doshas Vatta,, Pitta and Kapha) is necessary to know someone at such a deep level.  This complete personal understanding makes recommendations  individually appropriate for clients in contrast to making only symptomatic advice. The SOHA Aromatherapist, instead of advising let’s say, Eucalyptus for  bronchitis, will recommend a blend of essential oils that integrates birthdate, ancestral, daily lifestyle and even Karmic influences into the advice provided.


SOHA all organic essential oils are blended to match the  individual constitution and condfition of each person.
In ancient Chinese philosophy, plant oils affect  the ” Essence/ Jing” / Source of a person”s life force. The primal sense of smell coupled with the life essential breath that both energizes and cleanses the blood in our every inhale and  exhale, suggests the important contribution  essential oils provide for the purpose of health and healing. How long can we live without taking a breath of O2?  70 per cent of all toxins are exhaled through the transformation of toxins into CO2.


If you sense that Aromatherapy could help you or you would like to learn how to help others using this comprehensive approach, see our line of products,. contact us for a consultation with, or learn to be one of our holistic health practitioners who blend practices of ancient energy systems with Western nutrition and herbology.

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